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A latest article in Focus shed light on the strong relation between mild traumatic brain injury and attention deficit disorder (ADD)

- Fall 2016

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  • Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluations
  • Adults, Children and Adolescents
  • Conservative Medication Management
  • Adult and Pediatric Sleep Disorder Evaluations
  • Sleep Studies/ Testing
  • Opiate addiction management (Suboxone)
  • Parent training, family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy

Accepting new patients for OPIATE ADDICTION (SUBOXONE) care- Affordable and quick appointments available- Call us today

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"Best child psychiatrist we have ever been to"

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Sricharan Moturi MD

Psychiatry, Addiction & Sleep Solutions

1612 Westgate Cir, Ste 215, Brentwood, TN-37027

PHONE: 615.678.7839/

FAX: 615.807.3960

We typically have very quick  appointment availability.  Call 615.678.7839 for scheduling. We are accepting new patients for ages 3-65

Out-of-network: We no longer accept insurance plans at our office due to ongoing uncertainty in healthcare and insurance coverage.

Affordable Private pay options available- Call us today!

 Sricharan Moturi MD

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Dr. Moturi completed his training in General Psychiatry at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) followed by Child& Adolescent Psychiatry training at Northwestern University in Chicago, IL. He completed further training in Sleep Medicine at UAB. His Master's degree in Public Health (MPH) focused on Environmental Health and Disaster Management. He is only one of very few child & adolescent psychiatrists in USA additionally qualified in Pediatric and Adult Sleep Medicine.

Sricharan  Moturi  MD, MPH, FAPA